Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Impressions of V4 Lab R&S

Some of them took the new V4 lab & it appears many dint like the way the exam was presented to them. Here is what I learnt from the people who have shared their experience in GS.

* First there is no question booklet/file. Only Online exam document is available.
* we can view only one diagram at a time & we have to toggle between windows to view other screens. [This shows we really need to work on drawing our own]
* Appears like the screen gets cluttered too soon as we need to open multiple windows.
* The tool used to connect to the devices are Java based just the ones used in ASET labs.
* Troubleshooting is a little heavy but doable.
* We really have to be street smart to do finish the config portion in 5.5hrs time because its intense & power packed.

Here is wendell odom giving his impression about the lab :

The exam still packs the knockout punch as it always does :)

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