Monday, June 7, 2010

Full Scale Lab 2

NMC Lab 27

I should say I enjoyed working out this lab. It was power packed for the 5.5 hours i spent working on it. I had some really good learning from this lab.

Switching and FR was pretty straightforward. Nothing much to dig in here. The Only irritating part was that I had to spend some time configuring the IP address & sub interfaces. I really hated that. The catalyst specialties were straight forward.

IGP was pretty intensive. Nothing new or dint have any gotchas here. Did go well.
Redistribution was fun !! It was one of favorites of the lab. I really enjoyed performing the redistribution & keeping routes from looping !!

BGP was ok !! Just had the route reflection concept involved here nothing much other wise. But interestingly I had a certain loopback address unreachable, Although it was advertised. I really couldn't sort it out. I was disappointed with that but I am planning to work it out again.

IPv6 was good. It had a bit of everything with the IGP. As always this being my favourite section I enjoyed working it out !

Qos was a no brainer.

Multicasting was interesting, I got to finally work on a concept which I really had no practice but ended up doing well.

Other concepts were pretty new or a build up knowledge on the things I already knew. But I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless.

Overall a good challenging lab. I lost known 8 points which was pretty disappointing.
Looking forward to do better on the other labs.

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