Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starting Round 2

Ding Ding !! Round-2 of fight between me & CCIE

After a good weekend of rest am preparing for my second shot starting today. When you fail the exam, it really brings down the morale, but also it motivates you to fight harder & learn more. After all we are going to the be the EXPERT :)

Its really frustrating when you hear people telling you "its ok not everyone passes the first time". But people do right ??? And I dint. well no point crying over split milk.

I thought I will start with MPLS so that There will be something fresh to get me started. I am thinking of purchasing narbik ver 2 workbooks, just to get a different perspective of things & learn more. I always though I should have more than onme vendors workbook so that we can get the same topic in with multiple explanations. There is absolutrely no doubt about the quality of any wonder especially INE. Their workbooks are top class, its just your individual requirement.

I am game for it, let me give the exam a knockout punch.

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