Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Insights to the V4 lab !!

I read the editorial on the learning network written by Scott Morris.

You Can read it Here

The highlight of that was the following;

* Appears like the config section will stil comprise of almost 70 points. {This goes to show how good we need to be to take on the config portion in 5.5hours}
* Troubleshooting will constitute 22 to 25 points.
* The rest will constitute the core knowledge section. And in all the sections we must score 80% individually.
* There will be 5 routers in the configuration section as compared to the 6 routers we have now. (Phew @least we have that cut down hehehe)
* The core part of the exam still remains routing & switching even though there are multiple new technology introduced.
* Troubleshooting may possibly have MPLS VPN in them.

There is more to it, you can read the entire writeup here

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