Monday, October 26, 2009

Interview - Bloopers

Well this Saturday I spent interviewing prospective candidates for my company. Well tell you what, I thoroughly enjoyed it, listening to some folks giving out hilarious answers & they are CCNA, CCNP. I thought to myself damn !!

Well the questions were basic & not even @ a medium level. Even i have done my CCNP. I do not deal with VPN @ work, I did study that for my ISCW paper. I am very rusty in that, but if I dont know something I say, sorry am not sure what the answer is or I would say I dont know because I don't work with that stuff. But never ever would I fart with my mouth with some funny answers with full confidence. oh man :)

Ok, CCNA-CCNP is all about getting the stuff configured on your cisco router. We may be really good with that stuff but if you can not explain basic ip packet movement from system-A to system-B & what fields are used you really need to rethink on taking pride as a CCNA or CCNP.

How can you work with ospf & not know how often it sends hello ??

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