Friday, October 30, 2009

CCIE R&S V4 not for the "Faint Hearted" !!!

First of all, I feel -- "Damn I should have passed the V3 lab". But that's not the case. Appears like the V4 is a monster. Its definitely gonna produce the best & toughest CCIE. Its been 2 weeks since the V4 has been rolled out & not a single soul has passed (as far as I know).

I have been watching & posting all updates on the exam all through this time, so just to summarize;

Format == OEQ + Troubleshooting + Configuration == 0.30 + 2.0 + 5.30

* OEQ -- We all know the story.

* Troubleshooting -- You really need to know your stuff. If you have not played around configuring,breaking & fixing stuff, its going to be very tough. Around 40% of the tickets are doable, the rest you really need to know the details & working of every technology. Appears like we get anywhere between 10 to 12 tickets to be worked on.

* Configuration -- Appears like this section toughness is as good as the one in V3 except for the fact that the time has been cut down by 2 hours & the number of question to be attempted is just 10% less than the one in the previous format.

So we have more technology included in the exam, we need to learn more. People who have not worked on mpls vpn before will find it a bit tough because its there in the troubleshooting.

Almost all technology in the blueprint will be there in the exam, either in the troubleshooting and/or configuration section. There is nothing as core/non core in the exam. Everything in the blueprint has equal importance & its required that we know our stuff.

Next is that cisco is going green & gone paperless. So what does this have to do with the exam.... well, we have the question workbook in the online format including the diagram. So we will have a lot of windows open in the screen. We will have to toggle between windows & it appears that the screen does get cluttered pretty quickly & we can open only one diagram at a time. But i think that should be manageable.

So does the V4 CCIE Routing & Switching blueprint cover most of the topics in Service provider ccie -- yes, it does. Does it have concepts from security ccie -- yes, it does. So what has the track become ? Well in my opinion its become the one of the best ccie tracks to take up. Its definitely industry focused & I can tell with full confidence only the toughest can pass it. Its gonna produce one of the best R&S ccie.

IMO if you feel you are not ready don't take up the exam & blow your cash. Prepare, after all we are going to be the "expert". We need to be tough & know it all. Lets not complain & lets not blame, we all put in our time & money. Its definitely going to worth the investment.
Its a ccie track for the toughest & not for the faint hearted.

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