Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy month up ahead !!

Got a busy month ahead !! lots to do in very little time !! Building a data-center from scratch .. just the thing I wanted to do for a long time !! Excited but just a little bit worried given the fact that I have not worked on non cisco equipment !! Well here is the time to learn em all .. Not sure how much time I will have to some R&D. Its all about focus and time to bring in all the experience.

Talking about the data-center I am really looking forward to see some implementation using Juniper Q-Fabric devices. I know how the cisco nexus works, but am really curious to see how an identical data-center can be built using both cisco and juniper devices.
With Dell acquisition of Force10 Systems the market will shift again in a year and it will be time to compare all the three.

Well as of now ... time to stop talking and get things rolling !!

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