Saturday, April 3, 2010

OEQ waiver & the buzz around it !!

Well cisco announced an oeq waiver if people take up classes with the cisco360 partners. OK, that's cisco way of promoting the 360 classes, why fuss about it ?
Its cisco certification & 360 is their vendor & its their call. Why crib about it?

You either take it or leave it. If you are like me & cant afford it just prepare for the OEQ also. Helps you build more knowledge. You are not going to lose anything !!
The oeq are not a big deal to pass if you know your stuff.

Heard that Cisco employees get to take up the ccie exam for free ... so are you gonna crib that you need to shell out 1400$ to take up the exam while they take it up for free ??? NO .. so just move on.

There is more to worry & think about than this. Lets utilize the time to study.
Else pay up & take up the 360 classes, I am sure its worth the money + you get the oeq waiver !!

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