Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going through multicast mini labs

I am working out my multicast mini labs. I went through the theory this week in the week days. Labbing up the scenarios was fun. With refernce to the checklist that cisco has provided, I haqve covered thne following topics=

5 1 1 PIM Dense Mode
5.1.1. 5.1.2. PIM on an NMBA Network
5.1.3. PIM Sparse Mode – Static Rendezvous Point
5.1.4. PIM Sparse Mode – Multiple Static Rendezvous Points
5.1.5. PIM Sparse Mode – Auto Rendezvous Point
5.1.6. PIM Sparse Mode with Multiple Rendezvous Points Using the Auto Rendezvous Point
5.2.1. MSDP
5.2.2. MSDP to an Anycast Rendezvous Point
5.3.1. Multicast Rate Limiting
5.3.5. Multicast Helper Address
5 1 7 Bidirectional PIM
5.3. Multicast Tools
5.3.4. Multicasting Through a GRE Tunnel

I have left out the following topics in ipv6. Will lab them up later.

5.4. IPv6 Multicast
5.4.1. IPv6 Multicast Routing Using PIM
5.4.2. IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery ( MLD) Protocol
5.3.2. IGMP Filtering on the Switch
5.3.3. Use of the Switch to Block Multicast Traffic

I read a lot of interesting blogs which helped understand & throw light on the various concepts. Will post those links also over here.

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