Friday, November 6, 2009

Lab Safe & We have you covered

Wow its all about $$$$. We need to spend 4000$ + in training to get the free lab, amazing.
Cisco brought the lab safe program telling if the students invest in their 360 training boot camp & score 80. On instructor recommendation we get the second shot free if we fail the first attempt.Now INE has come out telling that if you invest 4995$ with them they offer us the first attempt for free.

So here is the intent of the programs;

360 says if you come to them to train & learn you should be good enough for the exam. So they ask you to test on the mock lab. If you score 80% on any one of the 12 they have, they feel that you are good enough & you will pass the lab(because the mock lab standard is probably higher) If something goes wrong & the candidate fails the second shot will be covered.

Ine says if you invest with them you will not have to pay extra for the first attempt. Its within the 4995 we pay them.

This is how I read it. Both the programs have totally two different intentions. Both are not the same. So lets understand that first. The students have to pick what they think is their need.

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