Sunday, May 31, 2009

A month of hardcore stydying !!

With my lab date in sight, I spent the whole may studying with anxiety !! Thats something I must work on & free my mind of.

I am done with Rip, Eigrp, OSPF, BGP (in short IGP & BGP) with multicasting. I am not very confident with mbgp & dvmrp stuff which i work on again.

I must tell that I am a very happy customer of Internetwork expert especially with their ver5 volume 1 stuff, Its simply good !! Some topics are dealt with very nicely & its overwhelming.

Yet, I am looking @ another vendor whom I can get a different perspective. Both IPexpert & Narbik materials are recognized but am really not in a position to afford either of them.

So whats up for june ...

IPV6, FR which am very well versed with.
QOS, Security & IPservices
Switching will be the last topic I will be dealing with.

I hope I keep up with my schedule !!

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