Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wowo .. am learning more configuration for rip ... howzzat .. that's the beauty when we prepare for our CCIE. We think we know it all of it, yet there is lot more of it .

My journey is getting interesting day by day. I have certain targets set. I hope to attain it ASAP. I was looking for a number before 25000 but that seems to have taken a kick. No matter what the number, I will mold myself to be a expert.

ok, as far as RIP is considered I have got the configuration , authentication, updates & timers , version control, redistribution, metric adjustment, filtering, usage of route maps & prefix lists.

Well there is more to it than I have mentioned & knowing that is the true beauty of being the expert. Reading through the topics you think ah I know it all .. well thats what I thought until I realized there are more small things that matter :)

Anybody looking for a ccie study buddy let me know :) will be glad to join & PS am working on igp part of things ...

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