Monday, November 3, 2014

Never ending rollouts of cisco nexus switches !!

The datacenter world as I remember has been a exciting stage since 2010. I was very lucky and I was engaged with the cisco nexus series of switches starting summer of 2011.  The amount of innovation has been phenomenal and the rate at which capability and services are rolled out is simply amazing.

Cisco has really taken it to the next level and every organization wanted it in their infrastructure. Some simply wanted it because it was the latest and the greatest, some wanted it to reduce their physical footprint and some because of the converged fabric concept it gave. Whatever the reason, cisco nexus switches was and is a big hit.

ITs been 3 intensive years with deployments of these switches. I assumed with just me doing so much of rollouts the adoption must be very widespread . Its amazing to know how many more organization are still adopting it as their first switch. The very sight of the in house engineers looking at it with wide eyes is just amazing. The amount of people who are still learning the cli is amazing.

With its efficiency and usefulness proven in the cloud environment it is the THE switch for THE environment. With the new ACI concept rolling in its going to be taking the datacenter switching fabric to the next interesting chapter.

Irrespective of how the competitors are coming up with their products and the number of innovations being brought into the networking world, its the best time to be in the DC, routing and switching world & a wonderful time to be in the network architecting role. The next 5 years only going to get better.


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