Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day-1 - CCIE DC in 60days

Day - 1

Well if you are preparing for the CCIE DC, I would strongly recommend buying and studying the following book. Its a good starting point;

I started out with Fabricpath. I was moving with pure fabric path without any vpc+ implementation.  Then moved to fabric path with VPC+ implementation. Used the nexus 7k and 5k documentation. Labbing the scenarios was fun. Used my design documents and notes used for the implementations I had done to understand how and what I did making things easy for me.

Always remember there are different mac address aging timers for both nexus 7k and 5k. Then I went on to implement the advance features with authentication and adjusting the timers. I tested out some of the failure scenarios for both FP and VPC. So both the nexus switch unique features are covered.
The VPC design best practice guide is a must read.

Day1 rolled pretty quickly reading and practicing the Fabricpath and VPC concepts.

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