Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CCIE Datacenter in 3-Months

Its been a year now and I still haven't taken up my lab exam yet. Its now time to call the shot.
I have been preparing slowly but steadily, I have had lots of practical experience in realtime implementation. Its now time to certify all that.

I have decided to fix my lab in the month of July. I have just 75days for my lab. I will be documenting my progress as i proceed in this blog.

Iam not sure if this is doable but I will prepare towards it.

I will prepare effectively 6 hours a day. For the first 30days, I will concentrate on Nexus Switching and UCS. Followed by SAN and ACE subjects.I will be using PEC, ciscolive as I progress.

I have done multiple datacenter rollouts using the cisco Nexus, MDS Switches & UCS & am pretty good  in configuring them now. But its the CCIE Lab exam & it always throws us a googly.

I will start with Nexus 1000v, because thats something i wanted to clear, thats the least I have worked on, independently.

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