Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fantastic Year ahead !!

Happy new year to all my blog readers.

2013 has gone by and been a crazy year filled with many surprises.
The only certification I have done is the CCIE-DC written. I really wanted to complete my lab also in the same year but unfortunately I was unable to.
I was neck deep in security framework for the datacenter, that I am ready to take up my CCIE Security also.
I was introduced to SDN and the hype surrounding it.
I met a lot of managers talking about "Multi-Tenancy" without really knowing what it is.
Succesfully design a Multi-Tenant Private cloud.
Learnt a lot about storage technology and the solutions provided by EMC and NETAPP.
Transformed a enterprise datacenter and corporate network to a state-of-art status.
Flew to differnt countries in the Asia region.

Goals for 2014

Complete CCIE-DC lab
Schedule CCIE-Sec
Design and implement larger datacenters.
Gain more expertise on the vmware, Storage side of things. If possible finish a certification.
Learn python scripting
Prepare for what the SDN hype will materialise as
Get a better paying job & get a better designation
Blog a lot !!
Get a .com domain name
Dive deep into the virtualization world and prepare for technology change.

Importantly have a fantastic year ahead !!

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