Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Enter the UCS world - CCIE DC

After 7 years, it is now to time to enter the compute part of the datacenter. It brings back good old memories of me aspiring to be a MCSE and stirving to be one. Life took a full turn and led me to the network world. It is inevitable now in the datacenter world for the compute and the network world to fuse, probably if I still have it in me I can probable consider putting effort into vmware and windows 2008 server stuff. But at the moment I  will stick to UCS :-)

Focus of today's study will be to know the currently available products, the hardware architecture & the initializing the UCS.

Couple of links from cisco for anyone starting up on UCS should include this & this.With cisco providing the UCS emulator, this will be helpful.

Documentation roadmap from cisco can be found here.

This is a monster site for UCS & his youtube channel can be found here.

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