Saturday, July 27, 2013

CCIE DC prep blog 4 - OTV

I love OTV. I have designed multiple data centers with OTV & I simply love the way it works & most importantly how simple it is to configure it up.  However to justify my preparation for the CCIE lab I did go though my favorite documentation on the Cisco site which can be found here.

I have always implemented the multicast mode of deployment and have never done the unicast mode. I think that is one area I need to practice using the lab setup. Most importantly i will serve as POC for my designs and also help me heavenly in the CCIE lab preparation. I want to create some labs and do some extensive troubleshooting when we use the unicast mode. I want to see the  adjacency server as it come back online what update it gives to a new client joining OTV.  I don't want to get into the details of it but nevertheless it will be a good option to try it out.

Once I start renting out labs for the full fledged exercises I think I will perform these tests. I am planning to buy INE workbooks. But unfortunately I don't have the money to buy it, so I think  I will wait for a couple of months save some money and then purchase it. We can use the INE labs only if we have their workbooks which to me makes sense. SO I think I need to save money for the workbook/racks and then go buy it. Until then it will be preparation using my pod.

I love the OTV simply because it maintains the IP boundary on each of the data center & yet extends the L2 on either side. Also I love the fact that the L2 issues are localized. The only part is that the OTV is available on the Nexus &k and it needs a license to function. I need a bit of convincing to do to my clients when I tell them the cost part for the license.

Action Item to track will include: Practice the Unicast mode of operation and create some troubleshooting scenarios for the same

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