Sunday, June 16, 2013

CCIE datacenter preparation strategy

Ok I love it when it comes to strategy. Especially when I need to prepare for an exam. Only problem is keeping up with the execution. I have broken down the CCIE-DC prep into five parts namely;

Nexus Switches - Swithing and features
Storage - MDS and nexus switches implementation of the storage
ACE - The load balancer
1000v - The nexus 1000v switch
UCS - Cisco UCS preparation

So the first task is the Nexus switches, but as I am engaged in some SAN switcing activity I will complete the storage first and probably start of with the nexus switch preparation. As I have extensive hands on the nexus swithces I am hoping to complete it at the earliest possible time frame. My pain points will include the 1000v, ACE and UCS. so probably I will start with ACE followed by UCS  and finally end with the 1000v.

For workbooks I am looking forward to the INE workbooks. There has been a heavy recommendation on the IPExpert workbook also. But ultimately unless IPExpert is going to come down on the price I dont  thing I can afford the workbook offered from them. It will also be interesting to see the workbook that will come out from narbik.

I will be using the cisco documentation and ciscolive365 material predominantly. I will have to lab full scale mock labs once they become available from either of the vendors.

Those of you who are prepating do comment on my posts and ensure to follow my  tweets. Its going to be an interesting road ahead up until september where I decide to take up my lab exam.

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