Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Summer !!

Have been very busy setting up a new office for my organization.It was fun interacting with a variety of vendors, going through quotes and discussing possible options to setup the office. I have the opportunity to facilitate the integration of avaya system. I will go through the process one more time two months down the line.  The technical side of things  - configuration, testing etc just took one day and I am very proud of that fact. Its not very day you setup something like this  and have it setup in one go.

Coming back to CCIE data center preparation. I have been preparing SAN connectivity side of things. This is one of the areas that I want to push aside. I still remember how weak I was in such topics exactly a year ago & now its a breeze for me as I push through the technical aspects and configuration  part of it.

I have decided to blog my prep with count. I will blog both CCIE DC & CCIE SECURITY. I am going for the kill. I cant emphasize the aspect how much of respect a CCIE receives and the kind of tasks that we are asked to work through. Life is getting interesting every day in the technical world. I  truly hope it is more rewarding monetarily.

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