Monday, June 25, 2012

A year of being CCIE

I complete one year of being a CCIE.
After 3 failed attempts & countless hours of labbing & reading I finally became a CCIE.I have enjoyed the respect and the responsibilities I have been getting as a CCIE. It has taken me half way across the world to new land of opportunity. Not much of a spike in terms of cash inflow though :-)

I have been enjoying the luxuries of life & the things CCIE has given me !! But its time to boot up & move on. Take up more responsibility & not rest on my laurels. The aim is to move on get my CCIE Security followed by CCDE. This is the long term goal. This is where I see myself. I need to blog a lot. Need to come up with a plan to get rolling with my plan. I cant be intense in my study post this year because I need to spend time with my family. So I need to make this 6 months count.

I will blog more & more technical content, which is the way i can contribute to the network community. All said and done back to the Euro2012 game :-)

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  1. Good luck on your road bro. New CCDE is much better than the old one.
    I'm Mirek. I write about IT Certifications.


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