Tuesday, February 8, 2011

changing cciedash ...

This is my blog and pretty much I call it my diary..I was planning to do a overhaul to the blog and or create a website to start fresh and then changed my mind to keep it.

However I have planned to make it more useful for me and readers alike !! I was going through multiple blogs and planned to include their links in mine. One that caught my eye was that of jennifer huber who is pursuing ccie wireless and one of the first woman(AFAIK) who is blogging.

Apart from that almost all of the other sites listed in network words top15 list are already listed here.

I will be starting to work on the nexus platforms, so personally i have got a lot of studying and learning to do !! Its becoming increasingly difficult to manage time and sometimes 24hours is just not enough !!

Back to the routers now ..

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