Saturday, February 5, 2011

2010 -- A year to forget

Suddenly i feel like i have come out of a coma .... when i turn back and see what happened in 2010 ... well nothing much .. everything left hanging halfway... Failed my ccie yet again... deteriorated health wise ... clearly a year to forget.

2011 is here and things are looking much better !! I am able to think much better ... visualize where and what i want to do in the year ahead ...

I will be moving into a better project so work wise also things will be better and most importantly i will be working better to get my ccie number :-)

First off I am revisiting and playing around with mpls at a larger level so that i can do my troubleshooting faster.

I went through the mpls fundamentals to refresh my concepts, took a paper and drew some topologies that i believe will help me learn, understand and troubleshoot mpls better.

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