Friday, October 8, 2010

2nd Time Unlucky

Well i went for my second shot at the lab and my first for the v4. Was in the cisco office by 7am and was the only one there. 30mins later i was joined by other folks. 4of us all for R&S. The only good thing was that everyone were light headed and talking about cisco and ccie. I felt good, no anxiety or tension.

We got our name badges with "CCIE" written below it ( thats the closest i have got to being a ccie).The proctor came and took us inside briefed us about the exam.
Went to my pod logged in and the first section was the Troubleshooting section. The interface is really well done with neat diagrams !! I felt very comfortable using the UI on the large monitor. Took about 2mins to understand the various options available for us and then started with the tickets.

I took the full 120 mins to solve what i believe was 9 tickets, the rest i dont think i got them working or had the configs required. Well i was happy because i though i will pass as i had enough tickets resolved. With that confidence i moved to the configuration section.

I went and brought myself a cup of tea and started out with the config section. Read through the entire lab, saw the various diagrams presented(which were very neat and dint have to be redrawn). Got a good idea about the overall lab and started out with the L2. The L2 and L3 went well !! We went for lunch. After lunch i resumed my lab, got stuck in a certain task but got it working eventually !! I finished the lab with 60mins to spare !! I went through the entire lab and config again tweaked some areas !! I told myself i was going to pass , even if i did fail will do so by a few points !!

4 hours later i checked my mail !! Lab score report had come ... I though oh no ... opened the link provided and was actually startled to see some of the section i had scored less than the expected level and i had eventually failed. I was shocked, i dint expect to fail and certainly not with that kind of score !!

Well I really dont know what went wrong, but here i am ready to go for my 3rd attempt aain !! But this time i will nail it no matter what !!

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