Saturday, March 20, 2010

100 day approach to ccie

Well I have decided to take the 100 day approach to conquer my ccie. Through this time I will master my skills in each of the topic. Planning to leave no stone unturned.

After a lot of thought & from my experience from my previous preparation, I believe this will be a practical approach to my ccie preparation.

This is how I have planned it out;

* Pick a topic that you want to prepare :)
* Read the book that you believe gives you the seeds.
* Read the RFC to know how exactly a protocol should work.
* Read the DOC-CD.
* Use your workbook to lab & prepare the technology.
* Refer the DOC-CD while labbing the workbook.
* Master all the mini labs in your workbook so that we know hows things work.
* Be creative break things so that you know what error you get when things break.
* Use a lot of show command to know what outputs can viewed.
* Use debugs where necessary to know what happens @ packet level.
* Ensure you have learnt all options for a protocol.
* Ensure you know what the different option for a single scenario.
* Always make notes as you learn.

When its nothing new, its only a practical approach to learn things completely. Its mandatory not to skip any of the steps. This will help us for both the config, TS & OEQ for the lab.

Is it possible in 100 days ? Well lets see I myself have to find out :)

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