Sunday, January 10, 2010

Preparing IPv6 :)

I am preparing IPv6 in two fold. Now that we have multicasting include in this. So the core part of the top[ic I will cover first that includes;

* IPv6 Addressing (all kinds & enabling them over ethernet & frame relay)
* Routing Protocols (rip, eigrp, ospf & bgp)
* Tunneling (all four)
* redistribution & filtering

I am already practicing some of the topics mentioned above.
Then I am planning to hit the part that includes multicasting which would include

* PIM , MLD & others

The thing is that I need to get some theory for IPv6 multicasting, so will need some time. I am planning to club that with the core multicasting part of the topics. I have 14-17 of January off so will plan the multicasting topics during that time frame.

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