Sunday, December 13, 2009

CCIE-Dash Reloaded

Well I dint make it in the V3 format of the exam. Now its time to conquer V4. My journey continues into 2010. Looking for a date approximately around March. Although I was studying a few concepts exploring new areas, Its now time to be the ultimate master.

I want to know it all & do it all !!!!!!!!!!!

I am starting out my full time study from today. I am going to explore all aspects of routing from scratch. My plan is to train myself to know everything in the book & everything that the cisco IOS has to offer. I have my weakness worked out. I know what mistake I did in my preparation last time around. I don't want my family to suffer this time because of me. 3 months to learn & be ready.

My plan;

Frame relay --- ETC --- 14DEC
I know the stuff but got to refresh & configure all of it.

RIP --- ETC --- 14DEC
Simple yet got know it all & practice it all.

EIGRP --- ETC --- 15DEC
Got to read some design concepts & practice all possible stuff.

OSPF --- ETC --- 17DEC
Got to read some design concepts & practice all possible stuff.

BGP --- ETC --- 19DEC
Got to read a lot & practice everything I can.

Redistribution - ETC --- 20DEC
This is what got me last time with some loops.

So what am I going to use to study & practise ...... Well its going be the jeff doyle book, INE volume-1, DOC-CD & of course the cisco design guides. Its important I practice everything because I Will have to prepare for troubleshooting . So this time I will use a lot of debug commands & all of the show commands.

I am hoping for the best to get my ccie-dash reloaded for the V4 exam.

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