Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting to love the ISR G2

Well if you are a router lover like me then you would definitely love the new product line from Cisco. When they came out with the original ISR model 4 years ago they revolutionized the world. Now its just the deja-vu from cisco but in a bigger level.

You will love the oomph factor that the G2 bring in them. Cisco is all about collaboration & taking the networks to the next level. Well they have done it again. Tell you what I really want to finish my CCIE quickly & get my hands dirty configuring & deploying networks with the G2 :)
Well, cisco has still not done away with their original isr yet, but you know. Be it data or voice the wow factor is always built into the routers.

The 1841 become the 1941, the 2800 into 2900 & the 3800 into 3900. So what have they brought in new, well lots;

First is that there is only a single universal image you need to obtain, they have done away with the adventerprise, advsecurity, advipservises, entbase, entservices, ipbase images. The routers have a multicore processor which double the processing power of the routers, voice+video ready dsp & more.

Well I really cant put all the data in here I highly recommend you following these links to learn more;

You can go to the cisco ISR home page by clicking here.
To compare the different models of the ISR G2 click here

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  1. "The routers have a multicore processor which double the processing power of the router"

    Well, ok, but every single IOS release to date is single threaded. And there's no IOS-XE coming to ISRs.


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