Thursday, September 10, 2009

27 days to lab

Wow Things are pretty exciting !! With less than a month to go this is where I stand. I started off revising the core stuff using the IE volume 1. What have revised & revisited in the last couple of days.

+ Security is done - have to revise it once.
+ Ip Services done - netflow part is still pending though.
+ System mngt done - Everything is okiedokie.
+ QOS is in progress - will be done by tomorrow. Will revisit it next week again.
+ Switching will be done next weekend including the security part.
+ IGP & BGP am confident
+ Multicasting will be done the following week.

& then the lab :) hehehe

I am pretty tensed with the OEQ, so I bought the IE OEQ stuff & its pretty good, I like it. Doin them in small number wherever I fell like getting my hands off the keyboard. So now back to QOS.

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