Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 2 - CCIE DC in 60days

Day - 2

Its FCOE and FCIP day. I used the book I love to get the concepts right. The book is beautifully written. Knowing the con pets already, the book was a cakewalk.

But anyone who is staring out new on these concepts i really recommend you reading the book, please refer to my day1 post for this.

Also strongly recommend reading the documentation that cisco has, which is also beautifully written, the link is as follows;

I have deployed these many a times so there is nothing completely new but, there is always something new we pickup. There is one more concept i need to pickup and that is IVR. I will include that as part of my study list and lab.

Other considerations that will be useful include the following;

Alright see you tomorrow after i lab these concepts along with IVR

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