Thursday, January 9, 2014

CCIE DC prep - ACE loadbalancer

While every DC has a load-balancer that is integral part of the DC, how we configure it and what options we have explored makes all the difference. While I have deployed the ACE LB in multiple setups, it is always refreshing to do a focused study on the topic.

I have prepared in the exam in mind. Only 10% of the topics will be on the lab. I used the Datacenter vitualization book to read and understand some of the basics of the LB.  It is interesting when we look at the exam topics; the first topic says -

  • 5.1.a Implement standard ACE features for load balancing

I am forced to think all the options but when we read through other topics we know this predominantly deals with initializing the device, creating contexts, allocating resources, assigning interfaces, defining access policies etc. The getting started guide in the documentation will prove to be useful for this section.

  • 5.1.b Configure server load-balancing algorithm

This we need to learn all the predictors & traffic policy, how they work and how to use them. Its the interesting part. Much of the stuff will be here.

  • 5.1.c Configure different SLB deployment modes

This will deal with the routed/bridged mode, one arm deployment with NAT, offloading and compression etc

I have gone through the entire syllabus and seen all the options available. I practiced the common features used and the tricky ones that I thought probably can get asked on the lab. Its nice to revisit the ACE after working quiet a bit on the F5.

Its now time to do some deep dive on the UCS part !!

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