Saturday, July 27, 2013

CCIE DC prep blog 3 - UCS

Spent a good deal of time labbing all the LAN & SAN options.  They were basic options, good enough to give me a good understanding of the UCSM. For the lab, I initiated the FI, made the port assignments, created port-channels, vlans, performed static pinning, tested some traffic flows, assigned vlans to certain ports. Most interesting was the  implementation of the disjoint networks, I was interested in knowing how they are actually used in treat life scenarios. Some of the useful links for disjoint layer2 can be found here and here

On the SAN side i created VSANS, port-channels, performed basic SAN connectivity. I dint not go deep on the SAN side yet. I need to work it further.

I got a fair idea on the service profile creation. I explored the various options on the GUI to configure these options. However I have not worked on these topics in detail. I started losing steam on the UCS prep. Whatever I have prepared I learnt well, I will revisit the UCS configuration after a few days.

I will be moving on to some core networking concepts like OTV and Fabricpath. I will be revisiting UCS again after few days.

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