Saturday, July 13, 2013

CCIE DC prep blog 2 - UCS

I have been lucky to work for cisco partner and the PEC is lending a helping hand in many ways. I enjoyed attending the ecamp they have on the PEC for UCS. Also a friend of mine demonstrated  how to initialise the FI and other basics of UCS.

It was interesting to learn the various models of UCS, how the B series and the C series are positioned in the market and where they can be used. Although this information  is not required for the CCIE lab exam, my job role of providing solution will require this information.

I will be working with a colleague of mine who is a expert on UCS and has desinged multiple V-Blocks. Using the GUI I think I can grasp things quickly, but the vital part will be getting to know how to use the UCS for various requirements.

I will be focussing on the following topics for the first half of the week;

Implement LAN Connectivity in a Unified Computing Environment
Configure different Port types
Implement Ethernet end Host Mode
Implement VLANs and Port Channels.
Implement Pinning and PIN Groups
Implement Disjoint Layer 2

Followed by these topics;

  • Implement SAN Connectivity in a Unified Computing Environment
    Implement FC ports for SAN Connectivity
    Implement VSANs
    Implement FC Port Channels
    Implement FC Trunking and SAN pinning

  • Implement Unified Computing Server Resources
    Create and Implement Service Profiles
    Create and Implement Policies
    Create and Implement Server Resource Pools
    Implement Updating and Initial Templates
    Implement Boot From remote storage
    Implement Fabric Failover 

If I can get through this information in the next one week, & have the hands on the UCS, I think i will be in great shape to get started on my job role for UCS.

Apart from this I think I will be focusing on Nexus security and OT parts this week. I know the plan is pretty intense, but this is the only way I can make inroads with the little time I have to prepare.

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