Sunday, March 24, 2013

CCIE Datacenter Preparation

Its  almost 2 years now since i attained my ccie status. Its time now to re-certify. It was a clinical decision point for me as i have to take a decision on the track I had to take to re-certify. I can very well re-certified in R&S or have the option to take up a different CCIE.

I am very interested in taking up both Security and Datacenter. I am in the midst of designing and deploying datacenters which easily leads up to my choice of taking up CCIE datacenter to re-certify my status as CCIE.

The written exam to be taken up includes the following given in this link.

I am well versed with the nexus switches. UCS is a prep area, I am well versed with it but not from an exam perspective. The ACE is also a complete prep area followed by the 1000v.

So any of you interested in following a blog that leads up to the CCIE DC exam or is also interested in preparing alongside please do follow this blog.

As far as preparation for CCIE Security is concerned, It will be after I complete my CCIE DC but the preparation will be alongside DC. WSA and ISE are some of the interesting blogposts that will be coming up.

Timeline for CCIE DC prep would be end of April or start of may for wriiten and followed by Lab in a matter of 4 to 5 months.

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