Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being the best Network Architect

Certifications, six month goals......... I was being too near sighted. Taking one thing at a time is fine but i really need to work toward my bigger goal, which is being the best " Network Architect ". Its not merely about knowing & learning technology, although that plays the significant role. I really need to go on a intense leaning curve next few months & couple of years. My steps should set me up for the next 20years where I can really work on world class & cutting edge networks.

Its more about seeing the big picture, planning & the approach we take. In simple terms we can call it design, but I am interested in both the HLD & LLD of things. I really need to analyse lots of network requirements. Put in my own thoughts of how I would approach a network build, how they are actually built, what are the best practices.

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of planning for DC build, which is excellent. The kind of exposure I have had in the last 12months after being a CCIE is phenomenal. I have had a honeymoon period where I had the time to do things at my own pace. But I am sure going forward I wont be having that luxury.

I see that I am gaining everything I need to be a network architect. Its only a matter of how I build on it & improve myself. I am very excited & really looking forward to a successful move toward being a network architect.

I think this post will hold truth & value when I get a job which on paper gives me the designation as 'Network Architect' for a fantastic network & obviously with a nice fat paycheck.

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