Friday, June 1, 2012

Cisco Firewalls ... Here I Come

I will be offcially starting with my Firewall concepts of CCIE Security journey from 1st of June. As a first step, I got the Cisco Firewalls book by Moraes. I read lot of good reviews about this book & instantly decided to buy it. This book is very current & covers design & implementation of cisco fiewalls. The book seems to be well balanced with lot of descriptive scenarios. However, this book only covers the network protection aspects, it does not cover the VPN & other features that can be enable using the cisco firewalls.

My goal of progressing towards CCDE, CCIE Security & CISSP is in focus. After effectively wasting April & May ,I hope to make some productive inroads by spending 4 productive hours per day studying.

After 1 year of enjoyment, here we are again for CCIE DASH


  1. Thanx for the recommendation for Cisco Firewalls book by Moraes..... Keep posting

  2. the post shows some highlight of the book,which is very interesting.i am hoping to see some more views on the book,and if the content is more it will b more appreciated.thank you...

  3. I always want to read cisco firewall book. And I tell you. I can finish that book. in minutes. Just kidding.

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