Saturday, June 16, 2012

CCIE Security prep will just get expensive

Well if you are like me relying on online racks to prepare for the lab then you are not going to be too happy !! With the introduction of CCIE Security v4 exam there comes the need for addition & refresh of the equipments used.

It is still a question as to how many will cater to the new format with workbooks & scenarios. But when you look at the Rack Rental side, things will get pretty expensive with an hour worth of rack rental costing you as much as the current whole session itself !! Yes, procuring new equipment & software is expensive but with demand comes the need to price them competitively. I did reach out to my favorite rack rental company... was happy to know they will support the new format & equipment ..but was a lil worried when I got to know the pricing.

It will be interesting if some of the vendors can continue to provide the v3 only labs alongside the v4 labs. This way if you are practising scenarios that do not include the new equipment it will go light on your pocket.

This has got me to think .. what is the best way forward & how much i need to invest in this !!


  1. its a good helps the learners to be alert and take a right decision.thank you.

  2. will continue to provide a security v3 rack for a while until all of the security racks are upgraded with the new equipment. We currently have one rack fully upgraded with the new hardware and yes, as you explained, the price will be significantly higher.

  3. Your information is useful for every user. I got updated CCIE Rack Rentals services at very reasonable price from my previous Rack Rental company.


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