Thursday, February 2, 2012

CCIE Security 4.0

Few months ago I had listened to CCIE Security program manager Natalie Timms in a podcast by packetpushers. She hinted about the changes coming in to the track.

Finally some formal news from cisco website on the CCIE Security 4.0. They have not released the blueprint of the tracks but definitely its going to be out this year !!

You can find the information here

Some of the highlights of the new track include securing wired, wireless, voice, video, multicast, ipv6 and other managed services.

I cant wait to get started on this new track !!

CCIE Security fully Re-loaded !!

Update on  06/06/2012

Finally the CCIE Security 4.0 blueprint is here. The exam will be available from November of 2012.
I see a lot of people panic when there is a new format of the exam released which to me is pretty weird. Enjoy the new topics you will be leaning & ploughing through your lab -- This is what makes you the expert.

The Written blueprint can be found here & the Lab exam here. The interesting part is the Lab equipment list which can be found here.

I will add  new blog post after further analysing the content of the exam. Cheers !!


  1. In CCIE Security Version 4 90% of the syllabus is same as it was in Version 3. Some new technologies with new devices like WSA Iron Port S series and ISE are added in new blueprint. Cisco can still make it better by adding up Ironport C series as well. As along with Web security using S series Ironport, they can also add Email Security using C Series Ironport.

  2. Great information provided. I appreciate your work.


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