Friday, January 13, 2012

why UPOE will go a long way

With cisco bringing out the UPOE with 60watts of power per port, it is laying the road to a new way of doing IT & triggering the deployment of virtualised desktops in a exponential way. IP Phones, Hi Def Surveillance equipment, wireless AP all with better power requirements and higher bandwidth will leverage this. With Virtualization being the buzz word, I am excited to look at virtual desktops being deployed all around. Not just that but power being derived from the network and not having specific power points will look good ;-). This would also enable quick setup of end user computing space. This could be the radical game changer for cisco if this works and is efficient as we all beleive it is. With the ability to switch off devices when not used and save power is an advantage all the way.

It will be avialable on the c4500E, 120 ports with 60watts each. It may be on the expensive side, but I believe organizations should be able to afford it to leverage the benefits. Agreed costs do play a vital role, but the larger corporation looking to save power will feast on this.

It was interesting to see HP response to UPOE. While UPOE may not completely necessary today is for the future. I don't completely agree with HP. While there is a certain percentile of power dissipation observed not as high as stated by HP, the savings in terms of usage of power will be the key driver & Lets not forget the 802.3az EEE.

With Engerywise this will give cisco an edge over its competitors. I am sure all the other vendors will come up with their own standard of providing higher power over Ethernet or this might become the standard all other vedors would adapt.

This is definitely something to watch as it will fuel the new way of IT.

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