Monday, October 11, 2010

Round 3 begins now !!

Well enough is enough !! I am not going to let the exam beat me up !!I will fight and pass the exam !! I am beginning with MPLS ! I went through the theory again today used the MPLS fundamentals book , its a pretty neat book !!

The Idea is to get the following completed this week !!

* Multicast
* Switching

If can have all of this digested by 17th which I should be able to comfortably I will go on with the other sections the next week.

The Plan is to work out 5 to 7 workbook labs before I determine am ready for the real lab !! The sooner I go for the lab the better it is as I intend to take it up before end of the year !!

All the best to me :)

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