Saturday, May 8, 2010

OEQ reach end of road

Finally after a year of terrorizing the ccie world cisco has finally made a move to remove the OEQ a.k.a Core knowledge section from the ccie lab exam. Having faced the ccie v3 lab I did find the OEQ pretty easy to handle. I cruised through them. But, having said that the sheer pressure it crated before I took up the exam was huge just because if I missed one question I had to fail the exam. The OEQ was more of a mental strain while preparing. Yes, those who are preparing for the lab should & will be able to answer it. But the very thought of losing the lab because we dint get one question right was the pain.

No need to worry moving forward.Well now it official on the ccie website

. It says & I quote

"Beginning on May 10, 2010, CCIE R&S and CCIE Voice Lab Exams, in all global locations, will no longer include the four, open-ended Core Knowledge questions"

We can further see it on DOC-6484

But honestly I wonder why cisco decided to remove this section. It was introduced to eliminate cheating. I think its because the troubleshooting section introduced will take care of that problem.

So its a happy ccie community & I am very happy too !!!

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