Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Scale Labs

Last week I did my lab-1 of the famous workbook. I felt good & pretty much ready to go through & do the full scale labs. I was a little bit slow in starting off & going through the entire section of the lab. I was bit rusty drawing diagrams & getting others things in but it did get me started..

So I have about 30 sessions book & a tight schedule booked ahead of me. I am planning to kick off with the V4 version labs as they are more relevant in terms of time, length & most importantly the content. I planning to probably go thorough them twice & then get started with the older V3 labs. I am trying to go for the maximum here.

I am planning to go through the Troubleshooting section subsequently. I really don't have a time line or an attack plan for my troubleshooting yet. But , I really want to know how to configure & verify all the technology & then eventually the troubleshooting will become easy.

Lets see how it works out !!

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