Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Scale Lab 1

NMC Lab 26

Today I did my serious full scale lab. Its was lab 26 of NMC. I dint do the troubleshooting part of it though.

It took me 4.5 hours to finish up the whole lab.

The lab was pretty straight forward & easy. I was able to comfortably go through the lab. They did get me thinking at one stage. I did refer to the answer key then I go going.


Pretty Straightforward no twisting the tasks. Breezed through it without any problems. Total time taken was 30mins. It was pretty basic.


Interesting yet simple portion of it. Configured everything as per requirement & got the whole IGP working.

BGP was also pretty simple except for a task that i was a little confused eventually a later part of the lab had the solution.

Redistribution was not much of a challenge but yes for a basic lab we can see how the routes are being share with each other.


My favorite section !! was interesting ! had only bgp & no IGP. I breezed through this section also. I got a link layer address assignment wrong apart from that it was a cake walk.

QOS & Multicast:

Nothing much here. Simple & straightforward got them working in no time.


For a basic lab it was good. Gave me a good deal of confidence to start off the labs in full flow.


Felt a bit lazy to draw diagrams today that gave me a bit of confusion.
Dint make a task table which had me look at the answer key.
I would rate myself 85% for the lab.


Simple lab with simple tasks. Enjoyed the 4+ hours I spent working through them. Although a bit stiff while starting my confidence is up & I look forward to get going with the other labs.

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