Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

Hope we all had a wonderful holiday with lots of fun . Well its the New Year, time to change things around & time to earn the CCIE

I am looking to work on Section 3 & 4 starting today. Section 3 of the blueprint covers IPV6. EIGRP is the new add on although I already have learnt & played around with it. It will be interesting to work on the redistribution & filtering topics. I wonder how much of it has changed in the exam & to what level we are required to learn. Well its best we know it all !!

In my opinion IPv6 will be & is being deployed all around. So I dont want to lose out not knowing stuff. So IPv6 it will be.

INE has updated their Volume1 material. Will download the updates & practice them too. Will blog daily from today @least for the next 2 months as I am pushing forward @ full pace.

Once again wishing all you mates a Happy CCIE New Year !!

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  1. Definitely focus on IPv6, and by IPv6 I mean everything - IGP, Multicast, Filtering, Etc. because you will see it on the exam.

    Best of luck!


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