Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lets Kick some a$$ !!!

Alright , am really in an armorous mood as I blogs this. ?Being a big bag of lazy bones is enough. I really need to put in all my effort to go in for the kill.

Due to some changes in my work place am stooping my exploration in the security section as of now. As far as I have read I have read it well. So I will get into practicing the core IGP before moving in to volume 2 labs.

I am racing against time. Got to put in more effort & kill ccie in my first attempt. Now I am starting off with the all easy RIP :)

Well if Rip can fetch me 5 to 8 points in the ccie lab. I will study it with all respect.

Ok am off now will catch you in 4 hours time.

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