Sunday, April 5, 2009

A change in strategy - Services to Securtity

Alright Nat section has been successfully completed. After doing a self assessment I have decided to change my strategy. I will be going ahead with the "Security services" part of the lab blueprint. This is because I feel comfortable with the "IP Services" section as compared to the latter.

So this months crack down will on the security from followed by IPv6 & RIP sections. I do have good hands on all aspects of Ipv6 & RIP so I am looking to breez through those labs. So a@ the moment the focus is on security & to quote from the lab blur print the following is what I am looking @


1. AAA
2. Security server protocols
3. Traffic filtering and firewalls
4. Access lists
5. Routing protocols security, catalyst security
7. Other security features

i just had a look @ the Internetwork expert Ver5 Vol1 labs & was impressed. I am looking forward to get started with the stuff which will be from 6th of April.

So what happened what forced me to change my guard, well I have been reading this wonderful book written by "Robin Sharma" called "The Greatness Guide" here he speaks about facing the fears & coming out strong. I wanted too keep security for the last part of the prep as i was not very confident & honestly a bit scared in the prep.

So taking Robins advice I am moving in a way to change my weakness to strength & overcome my fear. For more insight on how the book is shaping me & my thoughts fell free to read my blog;
& for other personal side of my life the entire blog

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