Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures of Multicast Theory !!

Well Sunday sure went fast !! I was on to the Multicast theory part.
I should say its is quite interesting, although it does involves lots of theory.
I will finish PIM-SP tonight & hit the sack, so that I can start off with the configurations section from tomorrow. I would really love to revise the whole section, if time permits in office I will just brush through all the concepts before we head off to the configuration section.

Tomorrow's plan stands as follows:

I will have to go through the Doc-CD also & pick up stuff I might have missed.

I am on leave on 13Th & 14Th. I hope to cove maximum topics by this time period.
I am really happy am able to bring in my focus & concentration. I just hope I am able to put in 6 hours daily ;)

PIM-SM here I come !!

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