Saturday, January 10, 2009

Over to Multicast Routing

Well to get way from the heaviness of BGP am switching over to Multicast Routing !!
I have altered my calendar also. Well every day is now becoming critical.

The CCIE Blue print reads;

IP Multicast

1. PIM-SM, bi-directional PIM
3. Multicast tools, source specific multicast
5. Anycast

So am just starting off with the cisco press Routing TCP/IP Volume 2 book.

This is one of the concepts which am not good at. Hoping to make a good deal of progress today. Hope to cover the following topics today;

IE mentions the following topics to look out for.

o Join
o Static
o Access- Group
o 3560 Profile
o Helper
o Timers
o Max Groups
o Sparse
o Dense
o Sparse-Dense
* Reverse Path Forwarding
o Static Mroute
* RP Assignments
o Static
+ Specific Groups
+ Override
o Auto-RP
+ Sparse-Dense
+ Auto-RP Listener
+ Default Static RP
+ Specific Groups
+ RP Announce Filter
+ Specific Groups
+ Priority
+ BSR Border
* NBMA Mode
* Stub Routing
* Shared/Source Trees
o IP PIM SPT-Threshold
* Multicast over GRE
* TTL Scoping
* Multicast Rate Limiting

I think I might have to pick up couple of other books also to understand the concepts. Well right now am tensed, why because have gots to work @ !!

Got to go study !!

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