Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally ... Through With Multicast Theory !!

Alright, Finally I am done with the multicast theory. Only the "Anycast" theory is still pending. I thought I will breeze through it when am doing the practical part.
Man it was some heavy stuff !! Got to admit though interesting the vastness of the theory got me sleeping many a times. :)

Well all said & done now I have to to get to the practical part. Well I am close to 30 hours behind schedule & have to get back on track. QOS is on my mind after EIGRP.

Lets hope we get back on schedule else I will dum EIGRP & get to QOS because of my weakness. I am sure I will get my core IGP & BGP working in the lab no matter what they throw @ me . Well I might get started on the basic configurations today itself(just my excitement getting to me :)).

Alright well done one week spent to get the Muticast concepts right.
Got to go through the DOC CD as well which I think I can do while at work to give my self something to work on.

Alright then lets get started with the basics of Multicasting :)

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