Sunday, April 7, 2013

CCIE Datacenter - NXOS L2 functionality preparation

For the first phase of preparation, It is going to be NXOS L2 functionality.

So what am I looking at here; Obviously its going to be VPC . There are couple of  documents I need to read through to make myself up to date on this topic. I have designed and implemented 10+ data centers with these technologies. It should be a straightforward and smooth walk on these topics. However having been to the R&S lab I know they use alternate terms and indicators to make use of a certain technology.

I will follow that up by VLAN and pVLAN concepts. They are not different technology wise but cli wise yes. Port-channels and UDLD are easy stuff. STP and FEX mechanisms are daily ops stuff.

I am looking at 10 days for completion. I want to ensure i read through all the documents and desin guides before I mark them as complete. I will implement them and play around as necessary so that the troubleshooting arenas in the exam will be well covered.

My approach is going to be reading the design guides, documentation, nx-os book and then some hands-on lab. I will be making a lots of note as I progress, It will be easy for me when I create the design documents in my work.

Its interesting to note that INE is producing only VOD and ip-expert is creating only workbook. there is no end-to-end solution from any of the vendors. Also at the moment I am not going to procure any of the material from either vendor, purely because - (A) I have enough hand-on to prepare on my own. (B) I cant offord the materials or the rack-rental cost to perform the labs end-to-end (C) I need to save money for the lab as I will to travel, because the lab is not available in all of the lab locations.

Anyways, a good start this monday should get me going !!

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